** SystemMiSC **
current version v2.06
This is Win32 Console utility, make your chance modify some hardware register in kernel mode. Of course it exist few useful piece for file transfer. The SystemMisc is faviorites for me working in BiOS develop.
  • sm32 debuggee
    • PCI Configure Space Register Viewer
    • Visual Compare PCI Configure Space Register via file
    • Fill PCI Configure Space Register via file
    • dump IO in range
    • Show CMOS via 0x70/0x71 0x72/0x73 0x74/0x75
    • IO in/out in Byte/Word/DWord
  • sm32 fx
    • Transfer file via LPT cable
  • sm32 ...
    • Insyde BiOS RomLOAD terminal via ROM.MAP
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sm32 debuggee



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